Sometimes when I’m depressed I remember all the other depressed people in the world and how terrible it must be for them. It’s truly a terrible state of being. I feel that there is no joy and hope and all I want to do is stick my head into a meat grinder to make it all stop.

But there is joy for me on the other side. And I tell you the truth, there is one way I know best to get out of the pit. I cry to the lord, and he hears my cry. I remember his past faithfulness, I tell the stories of the things he has done for me. Then my heart rejoices in God, my savior. When the storytelling ends, the physical sense of despondency returns, but I wait in hope for god my savior to give me joy again.

And thus I battle through this life, when I remember to fight. Lord, let me not forget to turn to you quickly! Let me turn quickly to recount your deeds in my times of sorrow and self-hatred! You are good, and your love never fails, even for a wretched sinner like me. Thank you. How can I repay the one who has given me everything? I can only lift up my cup again, to be filled again by your grace. I will drink again from your living water, I will eat your daily bread of life.

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